That kid needs to be better at not getting kidnapped.

Hey, you try being a wanted fugitive running from a megalomaniacal business mogul and let’s see you do better.

Blind, it's happening again.

Tell me something I don’t know.




so damned stupid-


"Trippy dreams"? A-and, if you don't mind my asking, what happened again?

Very odd dream - something about doctors, soldiers and the Victorian era for some reason.

O’Hare’s up to no good.


Master Blind-ler... you've returned. A-are you alright?

Been having some fairly…what’s the word for it again…

-trippy dreams.

And now this happens.

…oh no.

It's not a good day for me, either.

…if it means anything, i’m sorry

perhaps you could find something nice to do

better than hanging around here

10 September 1890

It is great sadness and regret that I record in this log that Dr. Thomas David Mackintosh passed from this world last night.

A terrible business really. From what I’ve heard, the poor man had recently become engaged to one of the new nurses - Polly…Poppy…I remember her name started with a P.

A police officer came by this morning asking to see the log for the investigation.

Quite an awful looking chap. Big as a house and looked more like a hired goon than an officer of the law.

Still, he had a badge and one can hardly judge a man by his appearance, can one?

-Dr. Franklin

I suppose. Do you think of happier times before everything happened?

can’t really remember them

Oh, I'm sorry. What do you like to talk about? Do you have any hobbies?

don’t be

…i’m not very good at talking

i used to be

and where i was…we didn’t have much time to pick up hobbies